How to Strategically Place Your Home Security Cameras


Having security cameras in your house is not enough, it’s also important that your home security camera layout is designed strategically and with care. 590268_41992492One camera placed over the front door is nothing compared to two watching the home from without and within and that is nothing compared to a system that includes full coverage of your home. Of course since we aren’t all experts at designing a full security system layout for optimization of our cameras there are a couple basic pointers that can get you started out on the right foot.

Cover the Front Door

Obviously, or perhaps not so obvious, the front entrance to your home is going to be one of the most important points to cover. Despite that fact that it might seem brazen for a burglar to just walk through the front door nearly 90% of break-ins happen through your main entrances. One of the best ways to cover the front door is to place a camera upon the eaves of the home where it can look at the front entry, window and door. Not only will this also serve as a deterrent for some crooks, but you can use it to see who might be knocking on your door before you answer.

Secondary Entrances

Do you have a sliding glass door in the back or an entry to the basement or side of the house?1417521_75327405 These areas are also incredibly common for burglars to enter through because they’re off the beaten path and provide better coverage for intruders. Additionally the garage door should be on your list of secondary entrances because believe it or not burglars can get those up as well. If you feel you have too many entrances to cover and you can’t afford to place a camera on each door of the house motion detectors and motion sensor flood-lights can also do a credible job. But really four cameras, one for each side of the house is going to be your best bet on a budget.

Backyard = Night Vision

One of the most important features to make sure you have in your back yard surveillance cameras is infrared capability or night vision. It’s not just so you get coolness points either! For most homes the backyard becomes a pit of darkness at night and that is so inviting to burglars. The best thing to do is deter them with high quality cameras that will still be able to sense movement and record their presence letting you know you have intruders.


One of the best things you can do to finish creating a strategically smart system is to take time and customize to your specific needs. If you have a nanny in the house you might want a hidden camera to cover the living room. If you have been having trouble in the neighborhood you could consider setting up a camera that covers that area in its surveillance.

Setting up cameras smartly is a matter of analyzing your property and determining the points where you’re vulnerable. The next most important thing you can do is ACT and get that system installed, because your design will do you no good if it just sits and waits on paper.